Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shaq in Boston Celtic Green

I loved Shaq as a Laker. The Lakers would not have won those 3 championships without him. He brought joy and happiness to the city of Los Angeles.

Then came the fallout. Shaq left on not so great terms. He won a championship with Miami and continued to rant and rave on Kobe. But through all this I never hated him. I was no longer a fan but still appreciated what he had done while in a Laker uniform.

Then came the news today. Shaq is reportedly going to be a Boston Celtic. The hated Boston Celtics. The one thing no ex-Laker should ever do is put on a green jersey. Never.

So I should be pissed off. Surprisingly I'm not. The only reason being, I don't want Miami to win anything.

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